My name is Tyler and I consider myself anything but normal. Also, I am a complete asshole.

26th August 2014


Lol buddy fuck off and stop being creepy

18th August 2014

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18th August 2014

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Ten Things White People Can Do About Ferguson Besides Tweet →


For white people wanting to know what they can do to help.

What about any other race? What do black people do? Asians? God I hate this website. Racist fucks

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14th August 2014

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When you’re at that point in a relationship most people are at like 22 ore 23 and you just wanna move the fuck in together

12th August 2014

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10th August 2014

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Every time I think I’m coming to terms with it. I get worse.

27th July 2014


My life is falling apart and I have no idea how to deal with it.

13th June 2014


Pissed off. But that seems to be my life now a days

18th April 2014


18th April 2014